Community Edition

Engines Community Edition is ideal for self-supported and home-based systems.

Run your
own server



Run software in your own environment. Have complete control over your applications and their data.

Self-host web applications and network services. Run blogs, databases, media servers, file servers, game servers, device backup services, and more.


Installing Engines

Use a dedicated computer with at least 2GB RAM and 40GB available disk space.

The machine should be running a fresh and updated version of Ubuntu Server (18.04 LTS is recommended).

Login to your computer and enter

curl | bash

You may need to enter your computer's admin password to start the installation. You may be prompted to set a timezone. The installer will take about half an hour to run.

The URL that you will use to access your Engines web interface will appear at the end of the process. Open a web browser, enter the URL and complete the setup wizard. You'll then be ready to install applications.


To remove Engines, enter the command

curl | bash

Self-hosting gives you more control, greater flexibility and better privacy.

Engines Community Edition is released under Apache License Version 2.0